How You Livin’: Uniquely

Since my 21st birthday, I have been in a weird yet exciting transitional period of my life. I am preparing for my last semester of college and figuring out the next chapter of my life’s book. I am learning to make my own decisions, unpolluted by the world around me, and do what is best for me. During this growth process, I discovered the question “How You Livin’?” I asked myself this question and came to the conclusion that I would like to live peacefully and joyfully. After deeper reflection, I decided that I wanted to live fearlessly, boldly, by faith and not by sight as well.

I have begun the journey of branding myself as an artist and musician and wanted to give the people something that would stick with them but also make them think. The #HYL movement challenges me, and everyone who listens, to live in a way that takes full advantage of our lives. I will first live uniquely by doing what Destiny does best and not concerning myself with who doesn’t like it.

4 thoughts on “How You Livin’: Uniquely”

  1. You are an amazing artist with a great personality and a plethora of great songs. The first album I purchased of yours was your second project entitled “Journey“. Listening to it first time through, I must say I couldn’t figure out the genre of music the project would fit. Being a music lover of amazing music, that is something I look for and the fact I was confused from listening to “Journey “ really stuck with me as a music lover, admirer, and now fan. Taught me not to try to depict what genre you or your music were, and to just listen to the different vibes you present. Amazing artist Ms. stone continue to be great ✍🏾


      1. Thank you for responding!! I’m pretty sure you’re a very busy individual, but that alone shows your character. I’ve recently purchased your newly published album “Destiny stone live”. Very intimate project, being able to hear the crowds response really backed up my understanding from the first project and how you’ve stated “you try to do what is placed on your heart and not worry about fitting in anywhere. #heartmusicissparkmusic

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